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The Real God – Church Wide Fall Series

The Real God is an eight-week, church wide discipleship campaign that’s designed to equip every member of your church – from children to adults – with an accurate, Biblical view of who God really is.

Over the course of the campaign, we will explore seven core attributes of God’s character. In the process, you’ll take a deeper look at some common misperceptions about God as well as examining the truth about who He reveals Himself to be in Scripture.

The Real God weekly themes play out as follows:

  • Week 1: Seeking God
  • Week 2: God’s Goodness
  • Week 3: God’s Sovereignty
  • Week 4: God’s Holiness
  • Week 5: God’s Wisdom
  • Week 6: God’s Justice
  • Week 7: God’s Love
  • Week 8: God’s Faithfulness

Eight teaching videos, found on Right Now Media under Cross staff picks, take a deeper look at misconceptions about God in comparison to who God reveals Himself to be in Scripture.

The adult Bible Study Workbook is the cornerstone of The Real God Discipleship Campaign. Every adult in your church will need one. This resource is available for bulk purchase at deeply discounted prices for $8.00. Please get yours at the Kiosk.

Also, we encourage families to partake in the family discussion. Videos are on Right Now Media and the free corresponding guide is at the Kiosk.