Cross Youth Ministries

We believe that the youth are an integral part of this church. Adults and parents have the responsibility to help youth grow in their faith and become fruitful members of the congregation and community.

The purpose of our Youth Ministry is to invite everyone into a relationship with Jesus. We want to equip our students through encouragement and fellowship. We aim to challenge them to grow and discover God’s vision, and send them into the world to reach others.

Our youth can be leaders in the church now and they will certainly be our future leaders too. We have the responsibility to help youth grow spiritually, emotionally and socially. With this balance and a sound foundation in Christ, we will have committed leaders for tomorrow’s church.

Club 56
For 5th and 6th Graders
For 7th and 8th Graders
For High School Students

Why join a Youth Group?

  • It provides a way for youth to actively participate in the church.
  • It establishes an organization where youth can have fun and fellowship with others their own age.
  • It teaches youth in a creative fashion about Jesus, His church and living as a Christian.
  • It provides a structure around which youth can form their value systems under Christian guidelines.
  • It provides a sense of belonging and develops a Servant mindset.
  • It provides youth with a constructive outlet for their energy and social-growth needs.
  • It assists the church in areas where help is needed.