1. We believe Confirmation is an important milestone in a person’s faith walk. We believe it is their first adult decision they make in front of the congregation to proclaim their faith.
  2. We believe that the process of confirming one’s faith begins in the home, beginning at Baptism. Our Wednesday night ministry is the primary way that we partner with parents in the journey of confirmation, intentionally in 5th grade and continuing through high school. A young person who regularly participates in our Wednesday night programming will be well equipped to confirm their faith at Cross.
  3. We believe that high school is an excellent time to confirm their faith. High school age is normally when kids/teens/young adults start to question their worldview and start asking questions about their beliefs from a more adult perspective.
  4. If you and your child believe they are ready and willing to go to confirm their faith as a  first adult decision in the congregation at any point, we (Pastor Matt, Pastor Erik, or Bill Ziech) will interview them.
  5. Interviews will be conducted the same way they are now. Both confirming knowledge of what they believe and their relationship with Christ is the goal of confirmation. The emphasis will be on their relationship with Christ. The interview is also an opportunity for learning as we talk about what each confirmation knows and believes.
  6. We will target a few times throughout the church year for believers to confirm their faith together. We will schedule them during the interview process.
  7. We will provide resources for those who need them, whether they were not able to participate in our Wednesday night discipling process or to those who just need a refresher. In addition, we will be providing training to our parents which will include the hot topic discussions (as discussed below ) as well as some video resources.
  8. We will be having a monthly or bi-monthly parental hot topic discussion on Wednesday nights after worship led by the pastors and other speakers (look to the newsletter for future announcements)l We would like to grow parent connect groups for both 5th-8th grade and high school parents that meet on Wednesday as well.
  9. The best resource your child has as they go through the process of confirming their faith is you. So thank you for taking this step to help them along their journey.