Connecting Adults at Cross

At Cross Lutheran Church, we have a variety of opportunities available for adult congregation members who wish to become more involved in the community, our ministry, and outreach programs.

Community Groups

Cross Lutheran’s community groups are an opportunity for people of all backgrounds to become connected to one another. Community groups offer a welcoming environment where you can share your story and work towards common goals. No matter your interests, skillsets or strengths, we have a community group that will enrich your daily life as you and fellow members grow in faith together.

Support Groups

Our support groups are intended for those who need a little extra care and guidance during a time of hardship. Our groups are designed to accommodate a wide variety of ages and challenges. Being surrounded by unjudging support ultimately reminds you to look at your adversity as an opportunity to grow in love and faith. Instead of turning towards hopelessness and defeat, we welcome you to turn towards strength and positivity.


God has made it possible for you to know Him and experience an amazing change in your own life. Answer the Lord’s call and become more involved at Cross Lutheran. As an active member of our congregation, we encourage you to share His message with others. Our ministries provide members with the opportunity to find peace and purpose through community, action and prayer.

Care Ministries

Cross Lutheran’s Care Ministries bring a tangible sign of Christ’s love to our world today. Care Ministries are available to individuals who are struggling with life issues like illness, loss or crisis. We invite you to serve your fellow church members and carry out God’s mission by during their time of need. By offering your comfort, companionship and time, Christ can continue to spread his strength to His children.


Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois (LCFS) offers trauma counseling and services for those who are facing particularly sensitive family issues like adoption or foster care, or who are require DCFS-referred assistance. In response to God’s love, Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois engages with youth, adults, families, communities and other stakeholders to improve the well-being of those we are called to serve.