Community Groups

Let us make man in our image. Genesis 1:26

Think about the impact of those seven words. Think of the profound relationship between the Father, Son, and Spirit. God that wants us to have a deep and meaningful relationship with Him, and others. He created us to be relational and to be connected with one another on a personal level. Cross Community Groups offer authentic community and spiritual growth in a safe place. People of all backgrounds can get connected to the community of believers at Cross and grow in faith together.

Men’s Community Groups

Active in digging deep in God’s word, supporting one another and learning to balance life. Pick which one meets your needs.

Women’s Community Groups

A safe place to discuss life issues with Jesus at the center no matter what stage of life you are at. We have several groups to explore.

Senior Community Groups

Active seniors who are looking  to spend quality time among good company while enjoying biblical discussion.

Mixed Community Groups

A welcoming environment for all ages and interests to express faith, love and gratitude

Common Questions

Every group has its own goals. It is as unique as the individuals who make up the group. All groups are expected to cultivate relationships, engage with the word of God, and explore ways to serve in His name.

The only thing required is that you be your authentic self and to make the group a priority in terms of your schedule. You will be missed if you are not there! Of course, we all know life happens but we appreciate your presence and input.

Our leaders include strong Christian men and women who have a heart for God and support from the staff at Cross. Community groups are designed to take on the personality of those involved.

Groups meet at least twice a month. Some groups meet weekly. We offer a small selection of groups that are on-call or have varied attendance time.

Each session is an opportunity to stop, start or switch groups. Many take the summer off.

Each community group has been assigned a leader or additional contact. You may address your questions to these individuals.