Club 56

5th & 6th Grade Ministry

Club 56 invites you to be a part of our mission—inviting, equipping, and sending. We offer a variety of events that focus on discipleship, fellowship, evangelism, worship, and areas to sever the church and community.

Frequently Asked Questions

We meet Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00 PM at Cross Lutheran’s food court.

Yes! Friends are always welcome. Cross Lutheran’s youth ministries are open to students of all schools. Many events are designed so that friends would feel very comfortable. Just make sure your friend is in the same age bracket as you are.

Yes! We are always looking for parents to do behind-the-scenes work, be hands-on leaders, or even provide snacks.

We want to help all parents become active in the faith development of their children. We need parents to fit into different roles in this process. As a parent, once you register your child, you are also committing yourself to this process.

Yes, we ask that you sign up. This helps us make proper accommodations for traveling events and food purchases. Please sign up on the Club 56 Bulletin Board located in the Food Court of our facility. Most importantly, we need any Club 56 student to have a Cross Youth Ministry health form on file with us.