Every year, we set aside one special week to celebrate and thank God for the ability and blessing to offer a Christian education. We also celebrate Lutheran Schools Week because it reminds us that we are not alone in this effort, but are part of something bigger than ourselves. Around the country, there are more than 200,000 students enrolled in a Lutheran education ministry. These 200,000 students will become the next generation of parents and workers in nearly every occupation and industry.

Christian Schools have historically been a place where predominantly Christian families would choose to educate their children so the teachings of the faith could be shared alongside other classroom learning. These schools could also be run efficiently and reflect the values of the church they were a part of. It wasn’t uncommon for non-believers to attend these schools because of the high quality of education and the moral character of the environment. It is in these classrooms that families might hear about Christ for the first time and come to be believers through the ministry of the teachers and the Christian families.

Now, with the costs of education increasing and the unique needs of technology and other advancements, it has been difficult for many Christian schools to “keep up” with the public schools around them. In spite of these challenges, Christian education is still valued by believers and non-believers alike. Why? Recent research would suggest it is for safety. In a changing and “scary” world, both due to violence and radical policies of some school districts, families seek out the safety that is offered in the Christian school environment. In that search for safety, our teachers and families are able to share the only true safety we have is when we rest in the arms of our Savior.

In a world that is ever changing, we must adapt and change as well, but we also must remain firm; firm in the truths that our Lord provides. This truth has the ability to be a stable stronghold and provide refuge in the storms of life. Whenever there is fear or heartache; wherever there is a child to be mentored into adulthood; whenever love is needed to conquer the pains in life; our Lutheran Schools are equipped to provide the love and Good News of Jesus Christ. AND, to train up future leaders in our communities and world. What a true blessing and gift.

Will you please join in prayers and celebration for the opportunities given in and through Lutheran Schools. Lift up prayers for teachers and principals and students and families–may we grow in Faith Together. Ask God to grow a Love for Neighbor in all who are reached through this valuable ministry. Finally, ask God that faith to Walk with God would be given to countless peoples through the impact of Lutheran Schools and those who attended them!