Women Giving in Faith

This week, we celebrate a ministry that has existed for more than 75 years.  The Lutheran Women’s Missionary League(LWML).   This organization

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Take a Pause and Reflect

Recently, one of my daughters informed the family she doesn’t like history.  My first reaction was to think about how much

Take a Pause and Reflect2018-11-16T21:14:24+00:00

Reclaiming Halloween

Each year, it becomes more and more apparent that Halloween is a big deal.  I see neighbors around us setting up

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Hurt by the Church

Have you ever been hurt by another Christian, a Christian church or a church leader?  If you haven’t, you are either

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Walking in His Footprints

We are in the middle of this fall sermon series on leading others by first being followers of Jesus.  To follow

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Search Committee Updates

The fall ministry season has kicked off, and the weather has finally turned to cooler temperatures and shorter days.  The behind-the-scenes

Search Committee Updates2018-10-02T16:22:28+00:00
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