The volunteer leadership team is excited to announce a relaunch of the” Building on the Past, Faithful for the Future Campaign.” The results of our initial effort last fall can be characterized as a mixed bag. Many families were excited about the possibilities, how God is leading us and the faithfulness we are following with. At the same time, many others were concerned and our in home visits allowed them to express those concerns safely and confidentially.

We took the season of Lent and Easter to prayerfully focus on the sacrificial death and resurrection of our Lord. We considered the sacrifice Christ made on our behalf and the expectation He places on His church to make sacrifices for those who still do not believe. Recently, the leadership team started to meet again and put together a way forward that addresses the concerns expressed, celebrates the faithful steps forward and honors what God has been doing amongst us.

Starting this weekend, June 10, our Capital Campaign Committee and a team of volunteers will relaunch with our revised strategy. This revised strategy allows us to address the most urgent items like the children and youth ministry areas and will also allow our pre-school to continue growing. At the same time, we will delay the worship space and sending space changes until a later date. The final plans will still need to be worked out and approved by the congregation, but we have a real good understanding of what needs to be done and what it will cost.

We will work this summer to get as many details as possible to each of you. There are MANY opportunities to attend a Ministry Victory Party to hear all about it and ask all your questions. There is a ministry Victory Party scheduled for EVERY Sunday this summer during BOTH the 9:15 AM and the 10:45 AM services! You only need to attend one! Please make the time to do this over the summer and more importantly pray. Pray for unity, wisdom and victory in His name. Sharing the good news takes a lot of sacrificial work, but the eternal results are worth it!

Contact the church office or keep your eyes on the newsletter for more details on Ministry Victory Parties so we can celebrate the victory we each have through Jesus Christ! Also, so we can share in that victory with all of God’s beloved people.

“… we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done.” Psalm 78:4

In Christ,

Erik Gauss