Marriage Mentoring

Dare To Be Different

Reinvent the way you look at each other. Marriage Mentoring is a God-centered, scripturally based process for any couple wanting to enrich their relationship. Whether you are engaged, newlywed or have been married for many years, this process is beneficial for you. Explore your relationship with another couple and experience growth and transformation. This process provides encouragement, hope and healing, no matter what place your relationship is in.

Marriage mentors seek to meet the needs of all couples whether they are in crisis or in a healthy marriage. The marriage mentors are congregation members trained to offer support, care, and advice on a variety of marriage topics for couples of all ages and stages in their marriage.

The Marriage Mentoring Process

Discover strengths and weaknesses

Ask great questions

Require action

Evaluate the progress

How does Marriage Mentoring work?

In our Marriage Mentoring program, you will:

  • Take a survey that will identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Meet one night a week for 7 to 10 weeks with a trained mentor couple
  • Learn more about yourself and your spouse
  • Apply principles that you learn through homework
  • Learn how to bring passion back into the relationship
  • Learn how to solve your own problems using a unique negotiating tool
  • Learn how to fight in a healthy way by creating a Fight Plan
  • Improve your communication skills and your ability to manage conflict
  • Be encouraged and challenged

How To Get Started

To request confidential care, please contact Ed and Janet Kutay


Are you interested in becoming a marriage mentor?

The training course is for you if you have a healthy marriage and are willing to promote a biblical lifestyle. Help couples grow in their marriage and in their faith. Training involves video-driven training, usually on a Friday evening and a full Saturday. Several meetings are also required.